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Websites without templates, with a fixed price and deadline

If you’re short on time but don’t want a generic template installed just to get you online as quickly as possible, then Lune Agency is the perfect fit for your business. We create a brief together that is based on your requirements and then we focus on your project whilst you focus on your business. The result is unique website that’s suited to your goals, allowing you to get online quickly and with less stress.

Ok I get it, show me priceS


We came up with Lune Agency after a decade of experience with online digital services. Our program is a response to the prevalence of overpriced template-based websites. Every website deserves, if not requires, to have its own voice. Current technologies allow for us to design unique websites even on a restricted budget and a tight deadline, all it takes is dedication and years of experience.

Our commitment


Your website will be created by professionals with years of experience.


We don’t outsource anything. Everything is designed and built in house.


The website will be for you and your audience, not us and our “designer” egos.


We will deliver a website that correctly responds to the brief we wrote together with you.

We’ve found that most projects we quote for can fit neatly into different categories. To make it easier for you we’ve developed three Lune products – landing pages, brochure websites, and online shops. Each one fit for a different purpose and ending with a specific result.


Landing pages designed with your conversions in mind.

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Ideal for:
Promoting the launch of a new product
A signup page to book a consultation
A promotional campaign


Hosting from $350 per year

12 days 

From approval of brief to functional page

Reusable landing pages design
‍Responsive design
‍Option for multiple lnguages
‍Online forms
‍Content management system

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All projects include


Search engine optimization


SSL certificate


Cookie policy notice


Landing pages designed with your conversions in mind.

I need this, let's start

Ideal for:
Professional services websites
Portfolio websites
Fitness studio websites
Restaurant websites


Hosting from $350 per year

21 days 

From approval of brief to functional page

Multi-page responsive design
‍Online forms
‍Content structuring recommendations
‍Third party booking system integrations
‍Content management system

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An online shop that engages your customers and drives sales.

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Ideal for:
Selling products online
Pre-orders of special products
Scaling your business


Hosting from $660 per year

31 days 

From approval of brief to functional page

Multi-page responsive design
Online forms
Content structuring recommendations
Third party booking system integrations
Content management system
Product catalogue 
Filtering and search functionality
Checkout and online payment processing

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We will provide you with


CMS documentation


Content recommendations


1 month after launch

Our process

Our process is simple and effective. From start to finish, without any unexpected delays, we can be sure to get your project completed within the time frame agreed upon.



Select an option from above and answer the questions on the online form.


We respond with additional questions to help us understand your goals.


We finalise the brief together and agree on the schedule.


You pay the deposit and send over any available content and assets.


We prepare the design mockup and get your approval.


We build the website in Webflow and give you access.


We provide you with documentations and insturctions for your new editor.


The website is tested by yourselves and us.


We launch the website on your domain and you settle the final payment.

+ We continue supporting you for a month after launch.


Not found what you are looking for?

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Our projects

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clients. Here is a sample of what we’ve created for them recently.

Fine print


Built using Webflow

A platform we found to serve our clients perfectly. Outperforming WordPress in speed, efficiency and ease of use.

Content to be provided

We are not professional copywriters or photographers and request that the client supplies us with content. Alternatively, we can suggest a copywriter and/or photographer to work with in preparing the content for your website.


We provide you with all the documentation needed to work with Webflow and your website.


We make sure you have an understanding of how to use the system ans support you through the process.

Split payment

We split the payments into two to make it easier for you. With 50% as a deposit before the works start, and the other 50% after launch.

Get in touch

Providing us with as much information as you can gives us a better chance of understanding your requirements.

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